Danielle LeHardy has been making functional pots and taking photographic images for over 23 years.  Her colorful home and studio are situated on a ridgetop above the South Toe River in the mountains of Western North Carolina.
Danielle was born in 1948 in Hartsville, SC.  After completing her BA in Music at Hood College she studied Musicology at the University of Maryland.  Once smitten by clay she completed an MFA degree from Antioch University and taught ceramics and made pots in the Washington, DC area before relocating her studio, first to her native South Carolina and later to its current Burnsville location.
Found in homes, kitchens, baths and offices worldwide, her handcrafted pottery is colorfully decorated in a uniquely personal style combining oriental and majolica brushwork traditions.  Her designs include swirling calligraphic abstractions and fanciful representations of the natural world in striking color combinations.
Her photographic images capture a personal view of the delicate filigree that is nature.  Her animal portraiture introduces us to some of our fellow creatures as only those who speak their language can.  Her photographic visions are available as photo greeting cards and framed prints.